Regulation is here and there is no pathway for at least 2/3 of the state.  The CITY you live in has control over licensing and enforcement; and your medicine or adult use.  The High Desert Cities have chosen to ban cannabis businesses rather than regulate and collect taxes.  We have worked as HDCA towards regulation and fought hard for reasonable regulations in the business community.  The Cannabis Community- medical and recreational still fights to this day for safe access, reasonable regulations for business, and education for all Californians regarding cannabis.

Join HDCA for all consumers and businesses' rights to be recognized by all cities in the High Desert and the State of California.


Cannabis Medications is a collective formed to fill the need for safe access to cannabis medications in the High Desert.  We aim to provide the highest quality cannabis medications at the lowest prices. We constantly search for new members to provide the skills needed to our patients and provide the high standards in medications we strive for. Our members in turn are provided with a source of quality, affordable, cannabis medicine, in addition to clear cannabis medicine education. 

      We aim to cause no harm in our community.  Our members join us in the attitude of adding to our community; not detracting from it.  

Cannabis Medications is truly a Mutual Benefit Corporation. 


     Cannabis Medications goal is to provide safe access to medical cannabis to qualified medical cannabis patients for medical purposes.  The members and qualified or primary care givers, through this cooperation will be able to obtain access, facilitating and/or coordinating the cultivation and distribution to medication they might not be able to obtain other wise.  This Mutual Benefit Cooperation falls within the Compassionate Use Act and the medical marijuana program.  It will be facilitating and/or coordinating the distribution of medical marijuana among members who are either qualified patients or primary care givers.  It intends to follow California Attorney General Guidelines and California Health and Safety Code Sections 11357 through 11362.83

    Cultivating, possession and distribution of cannabis is legal under California law. Qualified patients and their caregivers under the Compassionate Use Act and the Medical Marijuana Program may posses more cannabis than a person without a doctor's recommendation. See California Health and Safety Code sections 11357 through 11362.83.  Pursuant to the California Attorney General Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of marijuana grown for medical use (Aug 2008) any entity formed for the purpose of collectively or cooperatively to cultivate marijuana for medical and distribution for medical purposes should have a specific purpose of facilitating and/or coordinating the cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana among members who are either qualified patients or primary caregivers.


     Cannabis Medications is qualified under the above.  Cannabis Medications intends to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the California Attorney General, California Health and Safety Code 11357 through 11362.83 incuding the Compassionate Use Act and the medical marijuana program.